Guest Rules & Guidelines

Gate Time is 10:00PM–8:00AM.             

The Speed limit is 10KM/h throughout the campground.

All visitors must register with the office and must park in visitor's parking. Visitors must leave by 10:00PM, however If your visitor need to stay, please inform to the office.

Zero tolerance for illicit drugs and activities.

Please respect others by maintaining low volume levels with radios and sound systems.

Children must be supervised at all times, especially around the river.

Pets be kept on a leash at all times, and clean up is a must.

Quiet hours are 10:00PM ~ 8:00AM. This means quiet, quiet, quiet. Please turn down televisions or radios volume.      

Campfires are permitted between
8:00PM–10:00PM, fires in the fire rings only. Fires must be attended at all times, kept low and contained. Whenever leaving be certain that the fire pit is cold.  Fire bans may be imposed.

Respect other campers by use of appropriate language. For your safety and as a courtesy to others, do not walk through other sites.

Please help keep our restrooms clean. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Do not wash clothes or dishes in restrooms. Please report any condition that requires our attention.

No clotheslines allowed on site.

One RV and one vehicle per site. No car or RV wash on your site.

Any construction or enhancement on site must have prior office approval.

The owners of campsite are not responsible for loss due to fire, accident, theft or caused reasons beyond their control.

Sewage and grey water may not be discharged into any fresh water, watercourse, or on the land. Sewage connections must have airtight fittings.